A Special Note to Retired/ Life Members:

Thank you for your years of service to nursing and more importantly to school nursing! Your expertise and work within the association has provided a cornerstone to how we practice school nursing today!

As we wind down another school year, soon it will be time to register for membership again. The Morris County School Nurses Association has had a challenge with registration of all county school nurses but specifically of retired and life-time members. This difficulty has not only been evident with the newly devised electronic version of membership but also with the prior paper version. After deliberation and discussion between the executive board members and with review of the by-laws we have come to the following determination.

In order to be included in any annual MCSNA membership directory you will be required to register online. In addition, this will need to be done on an annual basis. This is imperative to ascertain that (1) by registration, you provided permission to be included in the directory and (2) that your information remains current.

It is an honor and privilege to learn from your wealth of knowledge and experience. We hope to continue this relationship with you!

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