Greetings to my MCSNA colleagues,

Welcome to the 2021-22 School year. As we embark on another year of change, adjustments and new experiences, we at MCSNA are looking forward to the pandemic moving on and out, leaving us with a perspective. We have all been through the trenches and now it is time to move forward with positive vibes.

Our General membership dinner and our executive meetings will resume at an in person capacity. Productivity, networking and friendships build when we are together. We found that our program attendance soared when we offered them via zoom. We have exciting programs in the works. All you will need is a computer or device to log in. No stress, no traffic, no traveling or fear on not getting out of work on time. Just click on zoom and relax in any room to enjoy our stimulating programs.  Zoom will still be an option when needed in certain other cases. Our program and dinner registration will continue to process through our website. Paypal and other options that we are working on to help make registering easier, will be our means to accept payment.  You can utilize a credit card or your debit card, which is connected, to your checking account. Simpler than writing and getting postage to mail. Routinely our program and dinner registrations should open approximately 3-4 weeks prior to our event(s). The Association event calendar will be set up to give you a glimpse at what is to come. Our programs will continue to be innovating and help us to grow in our profession, while allowing you to earn CE credits.

The MCSNA website: This year we will be focusing on our communication to our membership. In the past, we have done well but this year we will do more. Our website will be refurbished with updates to supply you with all you need at your fingertips will be noticeable.  Look for areas added such as for job opportunities to accommodate your notifications when openings arise in your districts. All of our committees will have areas to visit for you to familiarize yourself with the committee’s goings on and whom to contact with questions in that area.    Make our website a familiar stop in your daily routine.

                I look forward to working with a great group of nurses that fill the executive board and committee slots, to bring the best to MCSNA. You are encouraged to consider lending a hand by joining us. There are openings for President Elect and Vice President. The future of our Association depends on volunteers taking the step to participate. Let me know if you are considering becoming part of our group and might have questions.

                I hope you had a great summer. Restful, relaxing and enjoyable family time. September is here in what seemed to be a blink of an eye. Have a phenomenal school year. Keep MCSNA in mind as a helpful resource to all of you.In Health,

Wendy Madonia



MCSNA is a professional organization that is committed to the support of Certified School Nurses who are specialists in health promotion and health education.

The MCSNA provides assistance to school nurses in Morris County through collaboration and professional development programs for the maintenance of high quality healthcare in the school setting.






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