Hello and Welcome back to my MCSNA colleagues,

As we step into the 22-23 School year I’m sure we are all having the same thoughts. Is this school year going to be smoother?  Is Covid 19 going to let up a bit so that we can experience some kind of new normalcy? Is the year going to be productive and enjoyable? Well, you aren’t alone. We are all here to support each other as we return to our offices and all that awaits us. We at MCSNA are sending positive vibes to you. This school year ahead we are planning exciting events/programs and hope that we will be able to be in person to see all your smiling faces we have missed the past year+.

As of now, our General membership dinner which is scheduled for Thursday, October 13th will be at an in person capacity (fingers crossed).  Details will be coming soon so visit our website for more information.  Our executive meetings will also be in person. We are in need of volunteers to join in the fun we have by stepping up to help make and keep us strong as an association. We have openings we look to fill: Historian, web site manager, communicable disease updating liaison, and most importantly, someone to move into our President Elect position.

Our program chairs are searching high and low for educational, interesting and energizing programs to set up for this year.  It was found that our program attendance soared when we offered them via zoom. So that will stay in place. It will give you access to participating where it is convenient for you at the time.  To stay on top of what we have coming up, be sure to familiarize yourself with our website.

All the fun and professional events and programs can be enjoyed by everyone. Membership is important to MCSNA so be sure to stop in to register to become a member. We encourage this. As you know joining an association of colleagues that live and breathe the same experiences day in and day out, build a network outlet as well as friendships that carry us through our careers.

Our MCSNA website http://mcsna.net/  is our window to the future plans of the school year and what is going on in Morris County. The site also provides resourceful links, membership registration, the board members contacts for each committee, event calendar, historian glimpse of the past and present, and job opportunities that are brought to our attention. Communication is the goal to keep everyone informed. Make our website a familiar visit for you.

This year I again look forward to working with wonderful nurses and getting to know more of our Morris County nurses at our get togethers. Enjoy the summer, hopefully it is restful, relaxing and enjoyable. September comes in what seemed to be a blink of an eye.

In Health,

Wendy Madonia




MCSNA is a professional organization that is committed to the support of Certified School Nurses who are specialists in health promotion and health education.

The MCSNA provides assistance to school nurses in Morris County through collaboration and professional development programs for the maintenance of high quality healthcare in the school setting.






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