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Monthly MCSNA Meeting: 

When: 01/08/21 4:00PM

Where: Virtual Meeting

January Program: Guts & Glory

When: 01/21/21 | 4:30PM - 5:30PM

Where: Zoom

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February Program: TBD

When:  02/18/21 | 4:30PM - 5:30PM

Where: Zoom

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Monthly MCSNA Meeting: 

When: 02/04/21 4:00PM

Where: Virtual Meeting

Monthly MCSNA Meeting: 

When: 03/04/21 4:00PM

When: 03/31/21 4:00PM

Where: Virtual Meeting


When: TBD

Where: TBD


Annual May Dinner

When: 05/06/20 4:00PM

Where: TBD


June - 2021

Monthly MCSNA Meeting: 

When: 06/03/21 4:00PM

Where: Virtual Meeting



MCSNA is a professional organization that is committed to the support of Certified School Nurses who are specialists in health promotion and health education.

The MCSNA provides assistance to school nurses in Morris County through collaboration and professional development programs for the maintenance of high quality healthcare in the school setting.

President's Message 09/11/20

Dear Membership,
Welcome back to a 2020-2021 school year. As we imagined, the school year is starting off with uncertainty. No two districts’ entry plans look the same state wide, and not even county wide. This makes for a very confusing and unnerving start to what should otherwise be a time that sets the standard for the rest of the school year. A few districts opened up with modifications, many chose hybrid versions of virtual learning, while still others are remaining completely virtual until circumstances are more predictable.

Just yesterday, new districts in NJ announced they were going completely virtual and Dr. Fauci of the NIH, stated we are in for a bumpy uncertain future this fall as soon as flu season hits. What does all this mean? I have no idea. Given that most of us do not, MCSNA has made the decision to remain completely virtual for the time being. We will reassess monthly as new information becomes available to us and the world in general. What does this mean for all of you? It means, to begin with, we will have to have a large general membership meeting in October. We have some very important items to address. We must approve this year’s budget, we need to vote on updated changes to the by-laws, and we intend on finally virtually honoring the retirees from last May. Please understand that we need at least 45 people in general membership in order to vote on those very important items. We have a 100-person maximum on our zoom/meeting account so as soon as we send out the invitation please be sure to sign up. You will still earn PD time and you will be able to thank some of our colleagues for their dedicated service to our profession. That meeting will be held the same day and approximate time we had formally planned to have our Annual October Dinner. If you had intended to honor a colleague in May that was retiring, and you would like to do it now, please let Anne Albicocco our corresponding secretary know. You can present live or pre-record something, but please limit your presentation to 5 minutes. We are limited in time and we have a number of special ladies that deserve the accolades.

As far as our programs are concerned. We will still have those wonderful programs, and you will still have the chance to earn PD, it will just be virtual for now. We will have sign ups and then invite you to those programs. Again 100 persons maximum so be sure to sign up when they open up. Once we have secured our presenters they will be posted on our web page as usual. Please be patient and flexible as everything changes as you are painfully aware. We will let you know
immediately if anything changes or surfaces that will affect this association in any way. Have an easy new year and stay safe.


Thank You,

Julie Richman

March 23 ,2020

Dear MCSNA Members:

   It is with sincere regret that I must inform you all that our Annual May dinner will be canceled this school year, due to the ongoing concerns regarding all issues related to the COVID-19 virus, and the uncertainty at this time of continued need for social distancing. We look forward to resuming our wonderful programming in the fall.

I hope you and your loved ones remain safe and healthy.

Julie Richman


December - 2020

Monthly MCSNA Meeting

When: 12/03/20 4:00PM

Where: Virtual Meeting

November - 2020

Monthly MCSNA Meeting: 

When: 11/12/20 4:00PM

Where: Virtual Meeting


November Program:  Zoom Meeting

Stress and Anxiety In Children. Support for COVID-19 and beyond...

When: 11/19/20 4:30PM

Where: Zoom Meeting

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September - 2020

Monthly MCSNA Meeting: 

When: 09/10/20 4:00PM

Where: Virtual Meeting



October - 2020

General Membership Meeting & Recognizing Our Retirees


When: 10/15/20 4:30PM

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Monthly MCSNA Meeting: 

When: 04/15/21 4:00PM

Where: Virtual Meeting


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